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Handmade Sea Salts from Canada's East Coast

Making your food better, one crystal at a time.

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Powerful Flavours from a Rugged Coastline

Our family-owned business produces premium sea salt in Hubbards, Nova Scotia, Canada.  We have been meticulously crafting our salt crystals from the waters of St. Margaret's Bay since 2018.

Our gourmet cooking salts are the perfect taste of Nova Scotia’s natural landscape – crisp and electric, with an almost sweet finish. We recommend our salts for finishing a dish, seasoning sauces, spicing up snacks, or for adding a little something special to baked goods. You can also use it in place of table salt at mealtimes.

Sea salt is made up of many complex and delicious natural minerals, including sodium chloride (which you might know as table salt). These minerals vary depending on where your salt comes from, as each shoreline has a different mineral composition. This is why every sea salt is different, and has a unique flavour profile!

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