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Powerful Flavours from a Rugged Coastline

Our family-owned business produces premium sea salt in Hubbards, Nova Scotia, Canada.  We have been meticulously crafting our salt crystals from the waters of St. Margaret's Bay since 2018.

Sea salt is made up of many complex and delicious natural minerals, including sodium chloride (which you might know as table salt). These minerals vary depending on where your salt comes from, as each shoreline has a different mineral composition. This is why every sea salt is different, and has a unique flavour profile!

Our gourmet cooking salts are the perfect taste of Nova Scotia’s natural landscape – crisp and electric, with an almost sweet finish. We recommend our salts for use in all your favourite recipes, seasoning sauces, spicing up snacks, or for adding a little something special to baked goods.

We add the SEA to your SEAsoning!

Corporate Gifts? Wedding Favours? We Do That!

Our hand-crafted Nova Scotian sea salt makes a perfect small gift. We offer several delightful options featuring our 25g jars, and we are happy to customize too! You won't find any plastic in our gift sets, as we use fully compostable bags and paper string on our gift bundles.

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About Us

Rebecca Wilson founded the business in 2018. She partnered with her mother Marsha the following year, and the duo sold their sea salt products at Farmers Markets, where demand quickly outpaced supply. In 2020, an online store was launched and a wholesale program was established. In 2021, sibling Andrew entered the business and re-engineered our salt production to keep pace with the increased demand for product.

Today, Marsha and Andrew operate the business year-round. A full range of our hand-crafted sea salts may be purchased from our on-line shop -- shipping is available across Canada and continental USA. We love to connect with our customers in person, at local Farmers' Markets and seasonal Holiday Markets. A select line of our products are available at local retailers.

Meet the Family

Marsha Wilson

Marsha works full-time with South Shore Sea Salt, and oversees all aspects of the business operation, with emphasis on finished salt production, blending, packaging and quality control. She enjoys interacting with customers at Markets, and fulfilling orders for online, wholesale and corporate clients. Customer service is her super power. In her spare time, Marsha can be found with a paintbrush in one hand, and a hammer in the other as she maintains the heritage home she shares with her family. She and her husband Craig grow organic produce year-round on a small farm they’ve created on an old tennis court.


Andrew Wilson

Andrew entered the business at a critical make-or-break time, and our current success is largely due to his efforts. With a background in mechanical engineering, Andrew was able to improve our seawater collection, filtering and processing methods to increase quality, yields and efficiencies. Problem solving is Andrew’s super power. He can also fabricate things out of spare parts like no one else. When he’s not busy boiling seawater, Andrew works part-time at his cousin’s law firm. In his spare time, he organizes online D&D with a group of friends. A generous host, Andrew grills really tasty food, and recently perfected our Applewood Smoked Sea Salt.

Rebecca Wilson

An academic-turned-entrepreneur, Rebecca uses her considerable skills as a digital creator to help the business thrive. Rebecca is responsible for our product’s branding and packaging. She designed and maintains the website and online shop, and handles social media and marketing. Research is her super power. When she is not cranking out novels at a rate of 10,000 words a day, Rebecca enjoys her high-tech city lifestyle, online gaming with friends, and cooking awesome vegetarian food (perfectly seasoned, of course). Her greatest joy is travel, and exploring new languages and cultures.


what our customers are saying

Not just any salt would ever make it on our chocolate. But we're absolutely charmed by this spectacular fleur de sel... Home cooks and pro chefs, take notice, this salt is outstanding in flavour and its presentation is out of this world.

André C, Moncton NB

I first tried your Cheesy Garlic Seasoning from Christmas at the Forum. It is the best seasoning I have ever used. I use it on everything. My favorite is putting in my egg salad sandwiches.

Flora C, Bedford NS

I received a gift of your various flavoured sea salts and loved them!! ... I want to make bread for my son in law who is from Halifax and think he would love it if he knew it was your salt in the recipe!

Rhonda V, Edmonton AB

My family knows how much I love to BBQ, so they got me your "Grill Master Gift Box" for Father's Day, this past weekend. What a fantastic collection of salt varieties and other BBQ essentials. We've already used the Garlic Sea Salt on some grilled vegetables and looking forward to whipping up a beer can chicken or two this weekend on the grill with the BBQ Spice Rub.

Paul M, Georgetown ON

WOW what amazing salt. As a homeopath I love everything natural and green and this salt is amazing. I will be recommending it to everyone I know.

Katherine H, Calgary AB